Ball Mill Noise Control

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How to Control the Ball Mill Noise? JXSC Machine

The intensity of the ball mill noise is related to the diameter and speed of the ball mill, as well as the nature and blockiness of the material. Ball mill noise is basically steady-state noise, with a wide frequency band, and low, medium, and high-frequency components

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5 Ways to Control the Ball Mill Noise JXSC Machine

Methods of reducing ball mill noise Install gear correctly. In the ball mill installation process, the gear coincidence, gap and modulus should be controlled within a reasonable error range. Exceeding the error range will not only bring great noise, but also affect

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Ball mill noise control in cement grinding process

2020. 11. 25. Ball Mill Noise Control in Cement Grinding Process Ball mill is a kind of grinding equipment in mining field and cement plant.It can grind hard stones and materials not greater than 320 MPa, such as mineral powder production lines, cement

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The reason and control method of ball mill noise

When grinding materials, the ball mill can produce strong vibration and noise, the noise is up to about 100~115dB, which is very harmful to the operator and the surrounding environment.. 1. Noise source and influencing factors of ball mill: (1) the ball mill level noise is related to the diameter and speed of the ball mill as well as the nature and lumpiness of the material.

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how to solve the noise of ball mill Hongxing Machinery

2019. 5. 31. The solution about the noise of ball mill. 1.Acoustic enclosure (soundproof hood) Use the acoustic enclosure to cover the whole ball mill, and then add a sound absorbing device in the hood to eliminate the reverberation noise. This method usually

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A Study in Ball-Mill Noise Control

Ball-mill noise became a matter of general concern with passage of the Walsh-Healy Act in 1969. This act is now a part of the broader safety act known as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Noise is one of the ``newest pollutants'' in terms of the definition set forth in the Walsh-Healy Act. Studies are currently underway to establish standards by which to determine conformity

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Noise Monitoring That Prevents Mill Damage Brüel & Kjær

As part of its SAG mill control system, Manta Controls developed the Manta Mic: a robust and reliable acoustic analyser that prevents mill damage. With its headquarters in Southern Australia, Manta Controls develops unique advanced control systems to

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vibration analysis on a ball mill

Experimental analysis of wet mill load based on . 2010-8-1 The experiments were performed on a laboratory-scale ball mill (XMQL-420 × 450), which is a continuous grinding grid mill. The mill drum is 460 mm in diameter and 460 mm in length, as shown in Fig. 1.The mill, driven by a three-phase 2.12 kW motor, has maximum ball load of 80 kg, a designed pulverizing capacity of 10 kg per hour, a

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noise level in a roller mill

The noise and dust pollution of the vertical roller mill. Comparison of noise and noise of vertical roller mill: Ball mill noise pollution levels in general in more than 100 dB, and vertical roller mill out of the noise level is much lower than that of ball mill, generally within the range of 80 to 85 dB, good control of noise

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Mill Noise Level Report Ref A FvdM

2017. 11. 22. Cement Mill Noise Level and Attenuation Report Page 8 6. References The following sources were consulted during this study: 1. Johnson, David A., A Study in Ball-Mill Noise Control, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol. IA-9, No. 6, November/December 1973, pp. 727 734 2.

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